A downloadable game for Windows

This is a 4-player game about some T-Rex and their guns. It is recommended to be played with four xbox 360 controllers even if one player can play on the keyboard. We are looking into doing it playable over the internet.

Controlls In-Game:
Movement: Left stick or WASD
Jump: A-button or W
Fire all weapons: Right trigger or G
Join/Respawn: X-button or X
Suicide: Back or Q

At the splash screen:
Change length of game: Left and Right Bumper or Q and E
Change level: Left stick or A and D
Start Game: X-button or X

The game was created at NGJ15 by the following people:
Andreas Bergqvist: Art and Design
Kristijonas Malisauskas: Code and Design
Ky Gurazs: Music and Design
Rasmus Dyhr Larsen: Code and Design
Sebastian Rostved: Audio and Design

Patch 1.1:
Fixed full keyboardsupport for 1 player.
Fixed a bunch of bugs.

Install instructions

Download it, unzip it and then it should be playable.


TRexGuns 1.1 26 MB